“Uh? I didn’t register to this site…”

It all started with a single email, years ago. Someone create a new account on a website… using my email. These systems being badly designed, they didn’t care to check for authorization. They just started sending emails, newsletter and advertisement.


Notably, since the email is “the” thing that allows access, it also meant I had full access to whatever these people were doing. Over the years I could have accessed a multitude of things: mobile phone ids, dating profiles, furniture store shopping, language learning platforms, even anti-virus licenses and full hard drive remote backups.

Fun. Fun.

I created this site in part because it’s kinda fun to see all these accounts, but in part also because these systems are badly designed and they violate two people privacies at once: the person that registered and the person that gets the email.

These systems should be fixed.

For now, let’s have a laugh.